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Alex Edwards, dog and puppy training specialist Melbourne

"Dog training should be fun for the dog and the owner"

Refine Your Canine Dog Training is owned and run by Alex Edwards, a Melbourne based dog trainer with over 7 years experience.

Alex is very passionate about dogs and effective dog training. Proper dog training creates a special bond between the owner and the dog that enhances the experience of dog ownership. Alex has a special natural ability with dogs that can only come from a lifetime of dog ownership and a love of dogs.

Alex is s firm believer that training your dog should be fun and challenging. He believes that the dog should want to come back every time. The dog should feel that it has learned something, achieved something and also enjoyed the day. Dogs that train with Alex are testimony to this, many of them getting very excited when they know they are going to doggy school.

Alex specialises in time efficient dog training, focusing on getting the best results in the shortest time. So he uses time proven methods but leaves plenty of room for fun and innovation. He is always looking for new ways of improving the experience and adding to the enjoyment of training sessions for both owner and for the dog. He has dog training programs for basic to advanced dogs, from puppies to adult.

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